Our Clients

Financial Advisors, Money ManagersFinancial Advisors, Money Managers

Borealis Global Advisory provides investment allocation recommendation services to Financial Advisors and professional Money Managers. Our services may be accessed through separately managed/sub-advisory accounts or other broker-dealer platforms linked to Envestnet.

Each month we update our research and provide the insight and analysis from countries around the world so you will have the knowledge and tools you need to serve your clients.


Individual InvestorsIndividual Investors

Individual clients receive global allocation services which keep you invested and informed with insightful analysis. Our model portfolios make it simple to invest with us, by using one of our convenient services via Envestnet (Pershing) or Interactive Brokers. Our program requires a minimum investment of $250,000.



Financial Institutions/Pension FundsFinancial Institutions/Pension Funds

Borealis Global Advisory acts as a sub-advisor to Financial Institutions and Pension Funds. We utilize a data driven approach to global investing which seeks to balance both risk and return. Our models are built upon well documented investment research and methods. We keep you informed with our monthly updates and our Investment Advisor – Client model is here to assist you with board-level presentations, your due diligence protocols and beneficiary publications. We utilize Evestment to populate RFP information and performance statistics.